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Balitok Trading Corp. 

Since the 1980's has been in the residential and commercial Real Estate rentals and investment business for just over 4 decades now. Since its inception the company has moved to other ventures like residential, commerical and Bnb, Land acquisition as well as Housing development projects. Our main Core business values leans on Integrity, Perseverance, and Value. We thrive everyday to help our clients enjoy the services we provide. Whether its a short vacation get away, an excellent business location, or to purchase or rent a long term Home for the family to enjoy for years. We are here to serve and inspire!  

Leo Joseph Quiogue Gonzalez III
Our Team at Balitok 
Maria Celia Ramona Monfort Gonzalez

n 1996, Leo Gonzalez began his career as a Technology Specialist for The Filipino Directory, a company which manages and maintains an international database and network of Filipino-based businesses. The following year he assumed the position of General Manager where he instituted changes which allowed The Filipino Directory to achieve its highest historic revenues. Leo began his entrepreneurial career in 1998 by co-founding QUANXI, a state-of-the-art fortune telling and matchmaking software for mobile phones using simple text messaging (SMS) and wireless application protocol (WAP). The company boasted Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, two of the Philippine’s leading mobile telecommunications companies, as its former clients. The following year he started BGC, Inc, a general contracting company which partnered with companies like BCA, PNCC Skyway Corp, and Stradcom Corp, and was awarded the Philippine government’s PNCC North Luzon Towing and Impound Project, and its South Luzon Skyway Maintenance Project. In 2000, Leo started GazillionairesTrading, Inc, a general trading company in metro Manila that serviced infrastructure raw materials and components for large companies like Bechtel Corp. In 2007, he launched FMI Wholesale, a wholesaler and retailer of electronics based out of 3 10,000 ft warehouses in Southern California. FMI Wholesale became Gazillionaires Holdings Inc. and now holds multiple companies and a vast amount of real estate portfolios. 

Balitok Trading has been around for many years. We are grooming our team to instill the same passion that we have with helping others achieve their dreams. We are here to help inspire everyone and help them achieve their ultimate Goals in life for many years to come. Thanks to our clients, partners and team.

Maria Celia Ramona S. Monfort Gonzalez also known as Maricel was born and raised in Bacolod City. She began her career at a very young age. While still in school her first business venture was selling rice toppings, small burgers and fruit juices to the schools and nearby businesses. Later her passion lead her to bag and accessories manufacturing which became very popular. She then worked abroad in Brunei and London among other places for a total of 12 1/2 years. With these endeavors it helped pave the way to the many successful businesses that she has created. In her mid 20s she was already a self made millionaire with many businesses and projects under her belt including a vast real estate portfolio. The businesses include warehousing, solar Farm Development, Hospitals and many more Today the company is managed by our family holdings company. Since its inception we plan to expand to other ventures related to our core businesses. 

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